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Reclaim Your Time for Patient Care!

What is Doctor Yan Partner?

Constant flow of patients

We provide doctors access to a larger range of potential patients.

Online Booking and Flexible Calendar

All your appointments are in one place, always available for you.
Always keep track of all your appointments through the application and use the flexible and easy calendar.

Promotion of Your Reputation

Positive feedback and a high patient rating help you build your reputation.

Mobile text

All appointments
In one place

Book a visit for your children or parents as well.
Add family members and schedule an appointment with ease.

Why do doctors use Doctor Yan's Personal Assistant service?
Artur Janazyan
Pediatrician | Neonatologist
Without Doctor Yan, the volume of calls I receive would drive me insane.
I love you all Doctor Yan Team!
Manik Gemilyan
From the very first days, I felt like a big burden had been lifted from my shoulders.
Thank you for making work more productive and enjoyable.
David Tonoyan
Doctor Yan has completely changed my work routine.
Having a personal assistant definitely has a positive impact on my work routine and quality of life.
Personalized page on the app and digital visibility
Join the Doctor Yan Partner app and create a professional online profile, reaching over 20,000 users. Showcase your profession, education, workplace, and other essential details on your page.
Active and organized calendar for 24/7 availability
Our team will assist you in activating your calendar, ensuring that patients can easily see the times when you're available for appointments.
Receive appointment requests through notifications instead of phone calls.
After signing up on Doctor Yan platform, you unlock 5 complimentary appointment opportunities. Following each visit, patients can provide feedback after the visit and leave comments, boosting your visibility and reputation on our search engine.
Download the application and book your appointment online
Enroll your loved ones with a doctor on the app.
Easily add family members and book visits hassle-free.
The service is free of charge For Patients
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